Our Facilities  
Classic Classrooms
Sprawling over an area of 6.42 acres, DAV Kalinga houses 68 exclusively designed hexagonal classrooms with ample ventilation scope. Inclusive of the number are 4 unique lecture theatres that are lavishly spacious. The numero uno architectural design arranges one lobby space for 5 classrooms. All lobby spaces are electronically equipped with centrally connected close circuit cameras and audio apparatus for continuous observation and instant information.  Water point and lavatory at each lobby space stand to quench and meet the necessity of students as and when required. Statues of famous noble sons of India have been inspiring the students to reach the unreachable. The display boards invite every student to express himself / herself and display his/her distinctly different and diversified thoughts.
Physics / Chemistry / Biology
Each of the well equipped and state of the art lab can house around 50 students for practical work. Apparatus for and models of various concepts help the students understand them better and achieve dimensions faster. Latest equipment and resources keep the students absorbed. Based on teacher- student joint participation for demonstration, these labs are our real prides.
The application centres of scientific knowledge are six in number. The Mathematics Laboratory of the school provides the most advanced and unique facilities to the students. It also bears the reputation of being the First Mathematics Lab in the state. High end mathematical concepts are liquidated through expert guidance and enthusiastic learning process. Kit student ratio stands at 1:4 . The students are encouraged to develop certain kits in the form of project work to benefit themselves and the lab itself. Our unique self developed lab manual is a must read for every aspiring mathematics student.
Social Science
With the direct guidance of the teachers, the students study maps in this exclusive room. This lab is the main work station where students keep themselves busy and engaged in making various historical and geographical projects. The lab boasts of the numerous marvellous and spectacular projects that have been exhibited in the Annual Exhibition held on the occasion of Children's Day every year.
The lavishly stuffed central library caters to the multiple and diversified needs of the students and teachers as well. The library also possesses separate and exclusive noise free reading rooms for boys and girls. A large collection of books, magazines and journals keep it lively and happening. Situated at the centre of the building, the library is best utilized by the students in their weekly library classes. In order to increase competitive, effective and cutting edge reading, students are kept involved in library project works. A glance at which tells in volume the depth and range of the students’ reading. The subscription of more than 10 newspapers and 20  periodicals adorn the lionized library.

The Baji Rout Auditorium with a carpet area of 450 sq mtr holds enough space to provide boot room to 1000 students when they gather here for the morning assembly. Aesthetically designed and decorated,  it serves as the main community hall of the school. Profuse ventilation and audio visual aids lull the audience. The presentation of slide shows and Power Points by the students in the auditorium during the morning assembly has been a unique feature of DAV, Kalinga.

Art Room
In order to encourage the children to express themselves in colours, the school houses an exclusive room for artistic adventures. The magnificent paintings inspire the budding artists to be inclined to artistic intelligence and imagination. With strict guidance students keep venturing into the world of colours and canvas.
Games Room



A look at the ever increasing sports graph tells in volume about our games room. Ready with equipment for indoor as well as out door games this stretches itself near the basket ball field. Every day access to the games room has nourished many a young athlete and we are not surprised when our students/ athletes bag the state best positions and national awards.
In order to inculcate a sense of responsibility for the society among the students, the NCC troop of the school involves students in various social, welfare activities.
Computer Science




The school has 3 computer laboratories accessible to students. Advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software caters to the requirements of the students, teachers and curriculum. Of the three, one  lab is exclusively designed for the Sr. Secondary Wing. The other one bustles with the students up to Secondary Level. The lab pocketed palpable pride when the school received the coveted 3rd Computer Literacy Award in the year 2004 from His Excellency President of India Dr A P J  Abdul Kalam.

First Aid Room
In order to meet the need of the unfortunate hours, the school has a first aid room. Its use is essential since the sportive and enthusiastic nature of the students sometimes brings them bruises and injuries. Well equipped with medicines and antiseptics, this room balms our young athletes during their  needs.
Audio Visual Room
Well equipped with an LCD projector and an OHP, the AV room serves multiple purposes of students as well as teachers. The AV aids immensely help in slide shows and in some CCA activities. Slide shows on various broad topics are presented before the gathering at the morning assembly.
Activity Room
The school has an exclusive and well equipped activity room for the tiny tots. Various activity based equipment are there to keep a young mind engaged. Through various activities, students learn or at least love to learn. A visit to the activity room tells one why learning is a nice and interesting way of playing. Watching the tiny tots at work is a treat to the eyes.
The Kingly Kinder Garten


The KG Wing of DAV Kalinga comprises of 8 well furnished rooms along with 1 spectacular activity hall. This separate activity room caters to the enthusiastic needs of the KG students. The KG section, however, is housed in a different building, adorned with a beautiful lawn and swings, see- saw and many more to make around 300 tiny tots forget their homes.

Science Park
It is certainly a rare and envious possession of the school. To give students and visitors a practical and running ideas on various scientific concepts and principles, around 30 models have been placed. The science park is situated adjacent to the main lawn. Students from class VI onwards accompanied and updated by their teachers concerned visit the park as per the provision made for them in the time table. The names of the gadgets accommodated are Principle of Lever, Water Jet Projectile, Gear Train, DNA Model, Pythagoras Theorem, Play with Mirrors, Bell Tower, Nind Sock, Rolling Disc, Statue Speaks, Gravity Ball etc.

I-Class Room
In its ever expanding attempt to add more and go for the better, the school set up the iconic I- Class Room in collaboration with Edurite Technologies Private Ltd, Bangalore to bring information technology for the daily use of teaching and learning. The well trained faculty uses it to bring cutting edge techno-benefits for students. The class caters to the need of students and teachers as well as from class VI to XII and covers a subject range of mathematics, science, social science and literature. Audio-visual explanations, activities through AV media attract more and more students to realize the realm of technology available at their figure tips. With constant upgradation, the I-CLASSROOM has become the hob of inquisitive students and teachers.
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