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In the pursuit of excellence, our vision at DAV Public School, MCL, Kalinga Area, Talcher is to achieve highest standards in education by empowering our students to be self-directed life-long learners who visualise problems and situations from a different perspective, be astounding decision makers and find novel solutions by thinking critically, working in collaboration with others and communicating with an impactful expression; overall leading to responsible, caring, compassionate and contributing citizens working towards the progress, prosperity and peace of the society at large.




“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” 


DAV Public School, MCL, Kalinga Area, Talcher envisages all its students to realise their true potential and prepare them to face every aspect of life.

Provide a child friendly, healthy and safe atmosphere that will empower every child to overcome his/her limitations.

Provide a foundation and ensure that concepts are so well understood that they can intelligently apply them to other situations. Also expose them to practical environment where they can explore their talents.

Learning is possible only in the mirror of relationship and not in isolation. Our objective is teachers here should continuously work on creating relationships, dialogues, atmosphere of learning while through mature, affectionate and stable mentoring.

Teach to the agreed upon course objectives and provide evidence of student achievement of those objectives.

To work upon maximising student’s potential through self-development programs like Yoga, Exercises and Sports.

Inculcate a deep rooted respect in students for the environment, people and resources.

School’s focus is on respect and self-responsibility. The management works upon creating respect and self-responsibility and provides opportunities for student’s voice to influence school decisions.

Provide professional development and technologies necessary to deliver the curriculum, to communicate, and to access, manage, and evaluate student-related information.

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